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I Need Energy :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 4 1 Little Punch :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 9 0 Chibi Echo :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 4 0 Coloring Style(need litle help to decide) :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 5 5 Warlords - Aquamancer :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 9 0 Warlords - Aquamancer(Line Art) :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 3 0 Wandering on The Sky :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 12 6
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Despair :iconnoonyx224:NoonyX224 0 0
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Selfie [Collab] :iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 9 3 You Can Try To Smooth Me DOWN :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 17 14
Mature content
Gory Friendship- Chapter 2 page 28 :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 4 0
Mature content
Gory Friendship- Chapter 2 page 27 :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 5 6
Gory Friendship- Chapter 2 :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 5 0 I got a new pencil case! :iconangelkitty1708:AngelKitty1708 12 9 Wynncraft Gavel :iconrapiddash189:Rapiddash189 7 1
Christmas Special FINALE Finally
Last time In christmas special Is I would say If Its a video
As the night continues to blacken the sky and the day falls dim,we continue to the 6 friends from last time."So should we get going?" Fan asked the group,All of the nod in agreement "Is everyone here?" Tengz asked "Yup!" Fan answered "So Zed where ar-" Before Fan can finish,he was hug behind by Bnig's arrival "You're planning to ditch me!" she yelled in disappointment "Nahhhhhh" Fan protest "Mmmmmmmmmm MUNCH" Bnig bit Fan's ear causing him to flail franticly,giggles and laughter ensues.
"Well I guess that's all of us" Tengz stated "so were should we play snowball" "Behind my house,Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed prepared ZZZZzzzzzzzzome Zzzzztuff" "hmm yeah?Like what?" Nadia asked "Landminezzzzzz" Zed responded in a innocent voice.The group gave Zed a look comprise of  horror,shock and confusion "Eh How bout' We'll juzzzzzzzzzt go to a Karaoke house" Zed suggested in shame.All of them looke
:iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 7 12
Cwistmas Special PAAAAAAAArt 2(ICANSPELL)
Oh looks like your back,or you just skip part 1.Pffft whateves.Last chapter with some special guests,hope your eyes are set and listening to music
Also funfact: Zed is 82.5 (90.1 cm) Its not my actual Height but It's Zed.....He's 17
just pointed out a little detail
In the park,a small group of friends chattering and exchanging conversations,the group consists of Nadia,Light,Tengz and Fan,who are stalling themselves 'till the rest of their friends arrive.They mostly just talk about their recent topic and schedule for what Zed planned,until they realized..
"Come to think of it,Zed never told us what he's planning today,didn't he?" Nadia confused from the relization."I'm sure he'll tell us" Zen responded "He did mention to "put a Gameeee Fazzzzze on!",so I'll guess were gonna play some snow ball fight" "didn't we did that like 2 years ago?" Light asked "Hmm yeah,but aside from the topic,do you think he'll like the oreos I got him?" Nadia asked,as she show a bag filled with O
:iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 8 23
Christmas special part 1 (Bad at pacing the story)
As Dawn slowly passes minecraftia's edge,you question yourself,who is this man of kelp,who did not loose a pledge,narrating in a uncomfortable manner I'm stopping now*AHEM* this is a Christmas I hope you're in for a doozey.We shall first start in our first short story with ArcAngelo,Tamz,and Mark,at town having a conversation and also waiting for their Friends,Cassie and Diavy(I would like to mention Arc have injuries..........thought you guys might wanna know).
3:08(don't ask the time)
"So you don't consider him a threat?" Arc asked his female friend who stands beside him
"He's just perv motivted in taking lewd photos of us,annoying but He's just  nuisance" Tamz commented
"Not even a Little?" Arc asked again
but their friend who sat beside them burst in Anger "That walking toaster will get what he will get!And how dare him call me gay when I'm FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAbulous!"
"Now,now Mark,there is a time for seeking conflict but try to just spend a few moments with th
:iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 5 2
Experimenting with markers :iconangelkitty1708:AngelKitty1708 14 2 Santa Thonburi :icongiagaosaen:GiaGaosaeN 3 0 [Faceblock]Doc's Post :iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 6 12 [MCrender]Diavy and Cassie in the Photobooth :iconnightmare0scorpions:Nightmare0Scorpions 9 5 School Girl Ella :iconangelkitty1708:AngelKitty1708 17 4 Gory Friendship- Chapter 2 page 10 :iconxmaria-onee-samax:XMaria-Onee-SamaX 7 9
StevexClaire :love:
Wondering where am I? Well,I have lots of work stuff to do and I have to deal with my depression(lots)...Also,I got art block symptom for a while...I think I'll not submit anything for now until I'm officialy back.

Don't worry,I'll submit some randomly art when I have some little inspirarion...stay tunee
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I Need Energy
I spend lots of time on studying and doing projects.It keep coming and it will not stop until exams.That's the main reason that why I inactive recently(I feel it pass couple months ago somehow .-.)
I've been studied at university for a while and now I've noticed that...My free time is gone. .-.
Little Punch
Glad I made it before last day of this month.This Fan Art for one of favourite youtuber in my country even he doesn't notice that I submit here(I sent this one to him before submitted here...welp -.- ) Neko Atsume tubbs plz 

Anyway,hope you like it. -3-b
Chibi Echo
I haven't drawn chibi for so long(well,most of them are not finished...welp =-=)
Another new OC which I play it with my close friend.Hope you like it =3=b
Coloring Style(need litle help to decide)
As you can see,I got 2 coloring style and can't decide it somehow(left one is my current style and the right one is new style)

Do you have any suggestion about this? =3=


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Art by Sensei Banana :iconmcspeedart:

I'll edit this zone soon....yup,change something big time


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